My Favorite BOSS HOGG Story

One of the joys in creating a television series is the actors you get the pleasure to work with — and the things you learn about them along the way.  In “Dukes of Hazzard” Boss Hogg was played by Sorrell Booke, who could not have been more different from the character he portrayed.

Sorrell was a sophisticated intellect. He studied drama at Yale and had a distinguished career on the stage and in feature films. He was also full of surprises – one in particular stands out.

 “Dukes” was filmed at Warner Brothers and its soundstage was popular with visiting dignitaries. On one occasion a group from the Soviet Union were watching the filming. Sorrell, dressed in full character as Boss Hogg, white suit and all, was doing a scene. During the break he was told who the Soviet visitors were.  He went to them and began conversing with the entire entourage in flawless Russian, much to their great surprise – and ours.

 We later discovered that he not only spoke Russian, Sorrell was actually quite fluent in several languages, including Yiddish and Japanese.

 It was something his “Dukes” fans would have loved to see.  Rest in peace my dear friend – you are missed!