Conflict and Hope


Given the seemingly endless conflicts between Islam, Judaism and Christianity — can the three ever creatively work together?

 In doing extensive research for my book “Twist of Time,” I discovered a very interesting answer to that question:  they have in the past with astonishing results.

 Remarkably, this occurred during intensive warfare; first, in the 1100’s  Crusades, and secondly, in the 1400’s under the rein of the Islamic Moors in Spain, both which pale the current War on Terrorism. In these separate periods Islamic, Hebrew and Christian scientists and scholars working together made brilliant breakthroughs in mathematics, medicine, optics, and astronomy.  They also translated Greek literature that strongly influenced the later Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment.

 In my novel “Twist of Time,” Thomas, a contemporary monk with a controversial past, falls in love with Kate, a homicide detective. Driving the novel is a diary written in 1314 by a Templar monk on a suicide mission. The diary is stolen and for the next 700 years whenever it reappears there are a series of murders. 

 Thomas, a Celtic scholar, has been hired to translate the diary. But the courier bringing it to him is murdered. True to the “curse” there are more homicides. Now Thomas and Kate must follow the diary, retracing the Templar’s flight before Thomas becomes the next victim. Pursuing them are powerful cartels that will kill to get the diary and discover its secrets.

 So, in researching a novel you never know what you will discover – even a glimmer of hope in these troubled times.