Templar Combat Prowess

When Templars fought in the Crusades they are sometimes mistakenly pictured as a large army. In reality, Templar forces were much smaller than other Crusader armies. But Templars, highly disciplined and effective fighters, were used in smaller units at the point of attack or rear guard.  They were the elite Special Forces and Combat Ops of their day.

It was not uncommon for from five to ten Templar Knights and 20 to 40 men at arms to defend a fortress and hold it indefinitely against a siege army of thousands. The Templar combat code was simple: they could not retreat unless outnumbered by more than three to one.

Templar cavalry was legendary and unmatched by either Saracen or Crusader forces.  Every Templar Knight went into combat with three chargers held for him by a man at arms. This allowed the Templar to change to a fresh mount, giving him great advantage in one-on-one fighting. Their horses were so revered that a Templar Knight could be excused from Mass (there were five per day) if they needed to care for their horses. They were never excused for any other reason, except personal illness.