About Gy

You may not recognize the name Gy Waldron, but there’s a good chance you’re familiar with his work. As a writer, producer and director of television, film and theater for more than 40 years, he has most certainly left his mark in pop culture. He created the iconic and wildly popular Dukes of Hazzard and its spin-off series, Enos. He is also the Emmy-nominated writer of several TV miniseries, including The Billionaire Boys Club and Brotherhood of the Rose. And as a staff writer for Norman Lear, he worked on one of his most popular shows, One Day at a Time.

Gy’s novels showcase his ability to transition from the screen to the page. He writes powerful romantic thrillers that draw heavily on a background in counterintelligence and add a component of love and drama that comes easily from decades of television writing. He’s written extensively in special operations and real crime stories and has an ability to grip and hold your focus from the first page.

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