Happy Thanksgiving

Most of my holidays were spent with three generations of family members; I was always with my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I was extremely fortunate in that I spent my summers and the holidays on a farm in Kentucky, an idyllic setting at any time of year.

Thanksgiving in my family meant food and more food. We had had a cornucopia to choose from––three or four types of meat, plus turkey. We cooked, killed, and cured the meat ourselves, and everyone would stay a week and eat our way through each day. The setting was idyllic and much of how you think of the American landscape, Norman Rockwell style.

I’m grateful for those times and a family that treasures spending the holidays together. And I’m particularly grateful that my kids and family are healthy and successful in their lives. While we may not be on the farm anymore, there is a special feeling when I see my kids with their children and we’re carrying on the multigenerational tradition of spending holidays together, eating too much food and laughing about old times.

Where will you be on Thanksgiving this year, and what are you grateful for?

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