What Is Fugue (and Why Did I Write About It?)

Fugue has a couple of meanings, both of which are used in my second book of the same name. There is a connection to the two meanings that runs like a thread through this romantic thriller, and adds to its suspense and cadence. The more commonly known definition of fugue is tied to music. It is defined as a composition based upon one or more themes that gradually build into a complex and marked climax at the end. It’s also the name of a rare psychiatric disorder, characterized by a loss of memory and dissociation. Some people suffering from fugue will take on entirely new identities and have no recollection of doing so. How do these two work together to become a romantic thriller? For starters, the main character of Fugue is living a double life as a concert pianist who is also a serial killer. He has no memory of committing the crimes. This makes for a perfect marriage of deceit, big trouble, guys chasing you (are they “good” or “bad”?), women throwing themselves at you, and plenty more. The fun of writing this novel was coupling the genius of musical composition with the complication of being a dissociated guy in the midst of something too big for him to comprehend Imagine that everything we read has a musical component to it, a build-up that ultimately leaves you breathless and wondering how it all manages to come together. This is what Fugue is all about. *Look for Fugue on shelves in the coming year. –Gy

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